CI at University of Liberia Received a Letter of thanks

2018-07-12 08:23:39 2018-07-12

 Confucius Institute at University of Liberia received a letter of thanks from the Office of Peace-keeping Police Forcethe Ministry of Public Security on May 30th at local time, expressing sincere gratitude for the continuous efforts and support for them.

Chinese Peacekeeping Police Force in Liberia has maintained a very close cooperation and forged a deep friendship with CI at University of Liberia, the joint Sino-Liberian Martial Arts Exchange Activities since 1995 being a case in point. It became an instant hit in Liberia,and won a wide coverage among local press,which highly boosted Chinese cultural transmission and image buildup.

Before the Police Force retreated from Liberia this year, they donated some bookshelves and Chinese books to CI at University of Liberia, expressing their hope for a better future with CI.

Staff from CI at University of Liberia thanked them for all the concern and support,and stated that they would remain true to the original aspiration and make unremitting effort to carry forward Chinese civilization.